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  • ABC Brew 1.01 - Requires Lotus 1-2-3.
  • BeerAlchemy - native OSX app
  • Beer Formula Calculator 1.3 - Excel spreadsheet..
  • BeerMeister 2.0 - Mac OS 8 or higher or OS X versions available
  • Beer Recipator - Online recipe formulation page.
  • Beer Recipe Formulator , BRF20 Shareware DOS - Chris Campinelli
  • BeerSmith - A Windows based recipe system and complete set of brewing tools designed for the home and professional brewer. Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, NT, Me and 98.
  • Beer Stein - Collector's Edition. Keep track of your beer stein collection with this package from Village Collectors for use with Windows 95 or higher.
  • BreWater 3.0 - Windows utility for analyzing and synthesizing brewing water. Version 3.0 adds a pH calculation for water built from ion-free water as well as a Formulation Wizard, which will do all the water design work for you if you're too lazy to fiddle with the salt sliders yourself. Freeware; new all-in-one setup program with uninstall utility.
  • Brew Log Pro 1.1 - For Palm.
  • BrewPal for iPhone
  • Brewsta - design, store and edit beer recipes. Cross platform home brewing software. paul sorenson
  • Beer Tools - It's official, BeerTools Pro has launched. BeerTools Pro is a software package for formulating beer recipes, for designing mashing schedules and for calculating other factors when brewing beer. It is simple enough for the beginner yet powerful enough for the professional. BeerTools Pro has an interface for accessing recipes here at BeerTools.com. This means that you have access to over 5,400 recipes right away. BeerTools Pro is native for both Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP/NT. Head on over to the store and check out the bundle options. Click here if you would you like to learn more about BTP.
  • Brew Wizard 1.61 - Shareware. Home brewing reference, recipe calculator, inventory control, style guide, shopping list.
  • Home Brew Kit Master V1.4 - Home Brew Kit Master is a program for recording the details of your home brews, printing reports, calculating alcohol content, generating tasting sheets, and providing a searchable knowledge base of tips on home brewing. A great homebrewing aid, which will help you to create consistent homebrews. Suitable for all homebrewing kits, including beer, cider, and ginger beers. Shareware $15.
  • Homebrew Formulator - is an application for creating and managing beer recipes on Mac OS X. It is a Filemaker runtime application, so it has a powerful database driving its capabilities.
  • Homebrew Recipe Calculator 2.2 - Online program. designed to compute beer recipes and serve as a log for the brewing of those recipes. . Windows 3.1 or higher.
  • Lee's Brewery Beer Math and conversion JAVA calculator - Online program.
  • Lee's Brewery Hydrometer temperature correction JAVA applet - Online program.
  • Mashcalc - Downloadable program for mash calculations.
  • MashWater3.3 from http://suburb.semo.net/jthornton/BeerHome.htm This is a very simple and accurate (and free) calculator for mash water volumes.
  • ProBrewer.com - Online brewering and conversion tools.
  • ProMash - Commercial software designed for the experienced brewer. $24.95.
  • Qbrew: Linux software
  • SUDS 6.1 - SUDS is a brewer's database and log program. SUDS 6.1 is for Windows 9x/NT/ME or 2000. This program provides a single place to put all of your recipes, log entries and miscellaneous brewing comments. Provided is a formatted log entry system, Recipe formulator, water addition calculator and a host of other features. There is now a handheld version for Windows CE as well. Finally you can bring your recipe formulator into your brewery with you.
  • StrangeBrew 1.7 - Powerful and easy to use recipe database for all types of homebrewers.
  • Tinibuw IBU calculator 0.09 - Downloadable program.
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